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ShearTrac III Large Direct Shear Apparatus

The ShearTrac III system is capable of performing the consolidation and shearing phases of a 305 mm x 305 mm (12 x 12 in. by 200 mm (8.0 in) height direct shear test under automatic control for soils, rock, and geosynthetics (geomembrane, geotextile, GCL, geogrid, etc.) as well as for determining the interface frictional properties of soil and geosynthetics, and internal friction of GCLs.

ShearTrac III Product Sheet

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Test Capabilities

» Interface frictional properties of soil & geosynthetics

» Internal friction of GC

» Direct shear on soil and aggregates

» Rock shear

» 1-D incremental consolidation up to 32 steps

» Constant volume swell

» Constant stress swell (free swell)

» Constant displacement rate control shear

» Constant load control rate shear

» Direct shear up to 32 independent steps

» Capability to upgrade to DSS testing