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P & S Wave Measurement System

P&S Wave Measurement Data Sheet


Routine estimations of stiffness have traditionally been made in a stress path triaxial apparatus; however, low-strain testing is difficult due to insufficient resolution and accuracy of load and displacement measuring devices. The WaVeMe/P and S wave testing system makes the measurement of soil stiffness at very small strains easy. It consists of piezo-ceramic plates, known as P and S sensors, which operate in the same way as bender elements. The system is used to measure compression wave (VP) and shear wave velocity (VS) of a specimen. Each testing system comes equipped with combined pairs of piezoceramic plated P and S sensors - one serves as the output (or source) signal and the other receives the signal (or input).


  • Offers compression and shear wave velocity measurement
  • Available for triaxial and direct simple shear systems, as well as custom applications
  • Measurement of VS and VP versus shear strain at end of primary consolidation
  • Run shear test to 10% strain to measure VS and VP for higher shear strain levels
  • Easy to use menus to define the conditions for running a test
  • Variable amplitude adjustment and broad frequency range options