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Large Cyclic Direct Simple Shear (Cyclic DSS) Test System

What is the Cyclic Direct Simple Shear test?

Large Cyclic DSS Data Sheet
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ShearTrac III

The ShearTrac III large cyclic direct simple shear (LCDSS) system performs consolidation, static, and cyclic direct simple shear phases on large (12 in/ 305 mm) diameter samples under full automatic control. The DSS test generates a fairly homogeneous state of shear stress throughout the specimen, which provides initial stress conditon, stress path, and deformation configuration that models numerous field loading conditions more closely than any other strength tests (such as triaxial). The system consists of a computercontrolled unit that utilizes a micro-stepper motor to apply the vertical load and an advanced servo motor to apply the horizontal cyclic load to the soil specimen.

Applicable Test Standards

  • ASTM D2435, D6528, D8296
  • AASHTO T 216


  • Choose load capacity to fit user needs up to 45 kN (10,000 lbs.) horizontal and vertical
  • Total automation of data collection and reporting of test results
  • Prepare tables and plots of report quality within minutes of completing a test
  • Generate columns of data for easy reduction using your own spreadsheet software
  • Ability to access and control the unit over a computer network using Geo-Net option
  • Accurate displacement rate control from 0.00003 to 15 mm/min (0.000001 to 0.6 in/min)
  • Cyclic stress / strain controlled sinusoidal and irregular user defined waveform loading (0.033-2 Hz)
  • Select number of data points logged per cycle form 10 to 500 readings per second
  • Stand alone through front keypad and LCD menu capability
  • Versatile system

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