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Cyclic Triaxial Test System

Cyclic Triaxial Data Sheet
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LoadTrac II/FlowTrac II

The Geocomp cyclic triaxial system completely automates cyclic and static triaxial testing in a single, versatile unit. The system is comprised of only three main components and does not require extra air bladders, vacuum pumps, or wall-mounted elements that take up valuable lab space and require extra maintenance. An advanced, high-performance linear actuator with low intertia servo drive system provides the fastest response time. This is combined with a high-resolution feedback control system (closed loop and adaptive) for the most accurate and repeatable results. The benefit of a fully active load frame allows users to add their compression tests to the system at low cost to maximize their investment.

Applicable Test Standards

  • ASTM D3999, D5311


  • Reduces time required for testing
  • Run tests on isotropically, anisotropically and Ko consolidated samples
  • Select number of data points logged per cycle from 10 to 500 readings per second
  • Reduce test error and improve quality control

Actuator Load Capacities Available

  • 4.5 kN (1,000 lbs.)
  • 9 kN (2,000 lbs.)

Advantages Over Hydraulic Systems

  • Does not require any hydraulic oil
  • Does not use any potential dangerous high pressure system (3000 psi hydraulic fluid)
  • Extremely compact
  • Noise free
  • Easily movable and switchable to static triaxial
  • High performance custom linear actuator
  • 1.8 kW peak, low inertia servo-drive system for fast response time
  • High resolution feedback system for precise and accurate control of load and displacement
  • Continuous load at speeds in excess of 200 mm/sec (8 in/sec )
  • Self-contained and maintenance free
  • Single Phase 220 VAC/50Hz (international)
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