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Tunnel Monitoring

Tunnel Construction Monitoring is one of Geocomp's core practices. With iSiteCentral® a stakeholders can have access to monitoring data in near real time to make data driven decisions.
During tunnel construction engineers and contractors will be provided data from instrumentation to monitor:

  • Settlement for surrounding structures
  • Load and stress for tunnel support structures
  • Load and stress for shaft excavation support structures
  • Tunnel convergence with automated extensometers
  • Excess pore water pressure from ground displacements
  • Tunnel alignment
  • Vibrations induced on nearby structures and/or utilities
  • Utility deformation and settlement from Survey or AMTS
  • TBM data feed directly into iSiteCentral®

Monitoring will allow for real time decisions to be made for risk management and mitigation with an objective data driven approach. The programs can be short term or long-term depending on the objectives and can provide information for:

  • Life-time monitoring
  • Long term performance monitoring
  • Performance validation
  • Safety and failure warnings
  • Litigation reduction
  • Adjacent construction monitoring
  • Monitoring during significant repairs
  • Monitoring after the impact from significant weather events
Tunnel Monitoring

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