One Platform. Multiple Data Sources. Actionable Knowledge.

Providing you electronic data transmission that delivers early warning of unexpected or surprise performance of a facility allowing you to take corrective action to minimize damage, delays, and mitigate risk.


Meet iSiteCentral®



iSiteCentral® collects data from a wide range of sensor inputs and delivers informative reports to your fingertips, through mobile apps and third-party web-data services, for rapid evaluation and interpretation.


iSiteCentral® is compatible with data collection from multiple sources, such as robotic total stations, data loggers, and mechanized equipment. It can fuse and deliver project site information from natural and manmade environments at remote locations, including laboratory test results and other pertinent project reports, within the same platform.


Currently iSiteCentral® manages over 1,000 GB of data and over 50,000 sensors and scalable to support projects of various sizes. Information from i SiteCentral® is accessible 24/7 through secure cloud-based servers backed by dual synchronization ensuring better than 99.99% uptime and high-level security.

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Geotechnical & Structural Performance Monitoring

We offer monitoring programs using real-time instrumentation and technologies for a wide variety of geotechnical and structural health monitoring applications. Our services are critical to assessing the safety and reliability of infrastructure systems by detecting damage before it reaches a critical state and determining the remaining service life through monitoring key risk indicators and fatigue analysis.

Active Risk Management®

Geocomp offers quantitative risk identification and the potential impact to project cost, schedule, and quality. We can help you: quantify assessments of potential risk events, likelihoods, and consequences; monitor risk elements and warning signs; produce real-time data on emerging risks for quick decision making; and develop a risk management framework for the project life cycle.


We help you monitor and control the impacts of vibrations, noise, dust, and weather on people and facilities. We also provide state-of-the-art equipment that continuously monitors vibrations and instantly alerts you by email or text when project limits are exceeded. Other services include, monitoring system design, data evaluation, reporting and recommendations to mitigate vibration levels.

Asset Management

We provide a systematic business process and decision-making framework to help you make cost-effective investment decisions. We combine our Active Risk Management® protocol with our proven capabilities in performance monitoring, engineering, risk, and reliability analyses to link asset serviceability requirements with systems management and investment strategies.

Featured Projects

iLevee – Intelligent Levee Monitoring Program

iLevee – Intelligent Levee Monitoring Program
Office of Coastal Protection, Louisiana

Real-time monitoring for early warning of undesirable performance of the flood protection system covering 13 levee sections.
Tappan Zee Bridge Replacement

Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge (Tappan Zee) – Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) System
Tarrytown, NY

Real-time data for asset management decisions related to operation, inspection, and maintenance throughout the service life of the bridge.
Tennessee Valley Authority Risk Monitoring

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Risk Monitoring and Management
Chattanooga, TN

Real-time monitoring and warning system for all of TVA's coal ash facilities.
World Trade Center Structural Monitoring

World Trade Center Transportation Hub Project - Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring
New York City, NY

Geotechnical and structural instrumentation and real-time monitoring focused on assessing the integrity and stability of the subway box.


Our Story

Founded more than 35 years ago, Geocomp provides comprehensive performance monitoring services to clients across the United States and around the globe. Our professional staff combine in-depth understanding of structural and geotechnical material behavior with the latest in performance monitoring technologies to provide innovative and sound geostructural solutions - resulting in better control of risk and cost of projects.

Our Vision

To provide our clients easy access to reliable and actionable information to manage risk through the latest technology, backed by world class engineering expertise.

Our Technology

Our technology offers a user-centric automated cloud-based instrument monitoring and data management platform which gives the user actionable information in near-real-time to manage risk from unexpected performance of a facility. With a capacity of more than 50,000 sensors generating 1,000 GB, iSiteCentral® delivers early warning of unexpected or surprise performance to allow corrective action to be taken to minimize damage, delays, and claims.

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