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Rowe Consolidation Test System

What is the Rowe (hydraulic) Consolidation test?

Rowe Consolidation Data Sheet
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FlowTrac II or III

The hydraulic consolidation system (Rowe Cell system) is used because of its multiple drainage (up to eight conditions) options as well as the capability to test large diameter samples using water pressure on a flexible diaphragm. Furthermore, free strain and equal strain can be applied on the top of the sample through a flexible platen or a rigid one. The FlowTrac II or III flow pumps automate the entire consolidation test using conditions specified, with typical completion in 24 to 48 hours. The system automatically initializes, back pressure saturates, and consolidates incrementally without intervention by the user.

Applicable Test Standards

  • ASTM D2435, D4186
  • BS 1377-6
  • ISO/TS 17892-5


  • Choice of pressure range to obtain required gradients and pressure resolution
  • Built-in pressure transducer and electronics
  • Fully automated via computer or standalone capability for control and data collection
  • Micro-stepper, electronic motor systems offer high speed, precise loading, and highly accurate automatic volume & pressure control
  • More reliable and easier to maintain than units requiring hydraulics or air pressure
  • Immediately produce reports according to test standards
  • Front panel display and keypad for observation and control of the test
  • Geo-Net compatibility allows access and control over a computer network


  • Rowe Cell options: 63.5 mm (2.5 in) or 150 mm (6 in) diameter
  • Displacement transducers up to 50 mm (2.0 in.) range and 0.0013 mm (0.00005 in) resolution

FlowTrac II Pressure & Volume Control Flow Pump:

  • Capacity: 250 cc or 750 cc
  • Pressure: 200 psi (1400 kPa) or 500 psi (3500 kPa)
  • Volume rate control: 0.0003 to 1054 cc/min (0.00001 to 36 fl oz/min)
  • Dimensions: 203 x 406 x 470 mm (8 x 16 x 18.5 in)
  • Weight: 14 kg (30 lbs)

FlowTrac III Pressure & Volume Control Flow Pump:

  • Capacity: 200 cc or 280 cc
  • Pressure: 150 psi (1035 kPa) or 200 psi (1400 kPa)
  • Volume rate control: 0.0003 to 1054 cc/min (0.00001 to 36 fl oz/min)
  • Dimensions: 457 x 203 x 260 mm (18 x 8 x 10.25 in)
  • Weight: 11 kg (25 lbs)
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