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Reinforced Soil Structures

Geocomp has developed tailored reinforced soil structure serviceability solutions to enable our clients to effectively control their assets. Whether the underlying issues stem from design flaws, road salt infiltration leading to accelerated corrosion of metallic reinforcement, additional surcharge not accounted for in design considerations, improper drainage, or construction deficiencies, Geocomp has established a start to finish procedure to analyze the existing condition, evaluate risks, predict remaining service life, and develop a practical rehabilitation approach for questionable walls.

Our Services

  • Determine remaining service life of structures through reliability, geostructural, and statistical analyses
  • Identify potential risks to serviceability of structures
  • Perform condition assessments
  • Develop feasible designs and procedures for rehabilitation
  • Ensure proper reinforced soil structure construction by conducting QA/QC
  • Implement monitoring systems that warn of unfavorable conditions for vulnerable structures
  • Develop and implement Asset Management programs

Geocomp MSE Projects