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ShearTrac II Shear Apparatus

The ShearTrac II operates as an intelligent shear and load frame combination allowing both vertical and horizontal load and displacement applications. Two force transducers (horizontal and vertical) and two displacement transducers (horizontal and vertical) offer feedback to provide real-time control by computer. It incorporates independent motor systems (micro-stepper or servo) that offer superior precision and repeatability.

Manual control for both vertical and horizontal motion of the ShearTrac II is achieved with keypads and easy-to-use menus. The software to perform a test fully automated allows the user to define the parameters, control and view the test, as well as instantly create final reports.

ShearTrac II requires no special skills to operate, other than those used in conventional consolidation testing. A person familiar with soil testing can learn to use the system confidently within a few hours.

A ShearTrac II unit can be configured to run direct shear, residual shear, direct simple shear, cyclic direct simple shear, unconfined compression, consolidation (1-D incremental or CRC/CRS), and swell testing.

ShearTrac II Product Sheet

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Test Capabilities

» Direct and Residual Shear

» Direct Simple Shear

» Cyclic Direct Simple Shear

» Incremental Consolidation and Swell

» Constant Rate Consolidation (CRS/CRC)

» Unconfined Compression (UC)

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