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Technical Papers

Cyclic/Dynamic Testing


Analyzing Permanent Drift Due to Cyclic Loads

Bouckovalas, Marr, Christian

Comparison of sand liquefaction in cyclic triaxial and simple shear tests

Nong, Park, Lee

Permanent Displacement of Sand with Cyclic Loading

Bouckovalas, Whitman, Marr

A practical method for utilization of commercial cyclic testing apparatuses for computation of site response in central Adapazari

Mustafa Tolga Yilmaz, Kaveh Hassan Zehtab

Effect of static shear stress on the cyclic resistance of sands in simple shear loading

Sivathayalan, Ha

New Approach to Resonant Column Testing
Winner of the 2014 Hogentogler Award

Werden, Drnevich, Hall, Hankour, Conlee, Marr

Resilient Modulus Testing for Pavement Components

Durham, Marr, DeGroff (editors)

A Fully Automated Computer Controlled Resilient Modulus Testing System

Marr, Hankour, Werden

Experimental Study of Strain Dependent Shear Modulus of Ottawa Sand

Zehtab, Gokyer, Apostolov, Marr, Werden

Site-Specific Relationship for Strain Dependent Shear Modulus and Damping Using In Situ Vs and High Strain Cyclic Test Results

Zehtab, Yilmaz

Development of a Large-Size Cyclic Direct Simple Shear Device for Characterization of Ground Materials with Oversized Particles

Zekkos, Athanasopoulos-Zekkos, Hubler, Fei, Zehtab, Marr

Effect of Particle-Size Gradation on Coarse Sand-Geotextile Interface Response in Cyclic and Postcyclic Direct Shear Test

Wang, Ying, Liu, Fu< Ni, Shi

Effect of Cyclic Loading Frequency on Liquefaction

Nong, Park, Jeong, Lee

Automated Laboratory Testing


Application of Automated Laboratory Tests to Minnesota D.O.T. Highway Project Site Characterization

Dasenbrock, Marr, Hankour

Application of Automation in Geotechnical Testing


Experiences with Automated Geotechnical Testing

Marr, Torosian, Hankour

State of the Practice: Geotechnical Testing Laboratory


Role of Modern Fully Automated Geotechnical Laboratory Testing

Hankour, Marr

Shear Strength


DSS Test Results Using Wire-Reinforced Membranes and Stacked Rings

Baxter, Bradshaw, Ochoa-Lavergne, Hankour

Universal Shear Device


Stress Path Method: Second Edition

Lambe, Marr

Improved Soil Property Classification Through Automated Triaxial Stress Path Testing

Dasenbrock, Hankour

Direct Shear Test on Coarse Gap-Graded Fill: Plate Opening Size and Its Effect on Measured Shear Strength

Cai, Wei, Xiao, Wang, Yan, Wu, Sun

Comparison of direct shear and simple shear responses of municipal solid waste in USA

Fei, Zekkos

Permeability Testing


Freeze-Thaw Effects & Gas Permeability of Utility Line Backfill 2004

Hooper, Marr, Drefus, Farrag