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Direct / Residual Shear Load Frame / Test System

PDFDirect Residual Shear Product Specification PDFSample Geotechnical Report


The ShearTrac II system is capable of performing consolidation and shearing phase of a standard direct shear and residual shear test under full automatic control.

Applicable Test Standards

  • ASTM D2435, D3080
  • AASHTO T 216, T 236
  • BS 1377-7
  • ISO/TS 17892-10
  • AS 1289.6.2.2


  • Choose load capacity to fit user needs up to 11 kN (2,500 lbs.)
  • Total automation of data collection and reporting of test results
  • Prepare tables and plots of report quality within minutes of completing a test
  • Generate columns of data for easy reduction using your own spreadsheet software
  • Ability to access and control the unit over a computer network using Geo-Net option
  • Accurate displacement rate control from 0.000006 to 21 mm/min (0.0000003 to 0.8 in/min)
  • Full automation of residual shear testing
  • Stand alone through front keypad and LCD menu capability
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