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    Concept & Planning Mitigate potential risks by identifying and quantifying their likelihood and impact on your project's schedule and cost.
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    Site Investigation Ensure a solid foundation design with site-specific investigations to identify critical surface and subsurface conditions.
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    Subsurface Characterization Increase your project's success rate with high-quality testing of geo-materials collected during site investigations, ensuring accurate and reliable data.

Address Subsurface
Challenges in Your Projects

Gain insights into underground conditions and potential hazards to ensure project safety and success.

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Active Risk Management®

We provide quantitative identification of risk and the potential impact to project cost, schedule, and quality. We help identify, assess, and mitigate risks associated with construction in the natural and built environments.

S-scan at TVA

Asset Management

We provide a systematic business process and decision-making framework to help clients make cost-effective investment decisions. Our method combines our proven capabilities in performance monitoring, engineering, risk analyses, and cloud-based data management.

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Geostructural Consulting

We couple our in-depth geotechnical knowledge of soil, rock, and water interaction with our understanding of structural performance to provide a comprehensive analysis of underground conditions and potential hazards.

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TVA Power Plants

Value Delivered:

Implemented Best Practices for performance predictions,
saving TVA over $100 million
Fossil plants kept operational, providing power to millions
of homes

I-70 GeoDetect

Value Delivered:

Verify stress distribution in reinforced layers
Confirm design assumptions and validate modeling
Real-time data for dynamic system performance
GEOPROJECT_I-93 South Station

I-93 South Station

Value Delivered:

Analyses and risk assessment showed a better performing
project with less risk than original contract method
Saved the owner $60,000,000 in claims

Betsy’s Cove

Value Delivered:

Lowered project construction costs with design
improvement recommendations for stability

Corridor H Bridge

Value Delivered:

Determined the cause of the pier movement
Monitoring showed ongoing movement driven by
Geocomp’s stabilization method proved cost-effective

The Colony

Value Delivered:

Identify and manage client risk
Calculated remaining service life through realistic
uncertainty quantification
Recommended targeted remediation areas resulting
in cash savings