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Asset Management

Make informed, strategic investment decisions for long-term success.

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    Identify Potential Risks Effectively identify, analyze, monitor, and mitigate risks using advanced risk assessment techniques and close monitoring of key performance indicators.
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    Determine Asset Condition Accurately assess the remaining service life of your assets through reliability, geostructural, and statistical analyses, ensuring optimal management and planning.
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    Make Informed Decisions Transform data from field instruments into quantitative risk measures to prioritize investment decisions, maximizing the value and longevity of your assets.

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Geostructural Consulting

We provide a unique suite of geostructural consulting services that assist property owners and project design teams produce innovative and efficient structures, reduce project costs, save time, and minimize potential risks.


Active Risk Management®

We provide quantitative identification of risk and the potential impact to project cost, schedule, and quality. We help identify, assess, and mitigate risks associated with construction in the natural and built environments.

Champlain Towers

Geostructural Engineering

We couple our in-depth geotechnical knowledge of soil, rock, and water interaction with our understanding of structural performance to provide a comprehensive analysis of underground conditions and potential hazards.

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in Every Project

Discover the Success of Our Projects in Action
GEOPROJECT_Central Artery Tunnel

Central Artery Tunnel

Value Delivered:

Helped avoid major cracking of adjacent structures
Under budget, extended monitoring by 25 years
Kept construction movements within tight tolerances
Detected movements and issued project alerts

Corridor H Bridge

Value Delivered:

Determined the cause of the pier movement
Monitoring showed ongoing movement driven by
Geocomp’s stabilization method proved cost-effective


Value Delivered:

Confirm performance and ensure design safety
GIMS software simplifies data reporting
Mitigate risk to adjacent structures
GEOPROJECT_East Side Access Tunnel Excavation

East Side Access Tunnel

Value Delivered:

Automated instrumentation provided alerts to
unacceptable movement during construction
Instruments installed designed to be read remotely
and notification automatic
Dramatically shortened travel time for commuters

Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge

Value Delivered:

Geocomp installed a monitoring system that helps
monitor structural changes preemptively
Provided more efficient inspection planning, optimizing
long-term budgets, and saving costs on operation & maintenance
GEOPROJECT_Regional Connector

Regional Connector

Value Delivered:

Reduce risk to general public and building owners during
construction activity
Sensor data allowed construction activity to progress
continuously without delays