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Geocomp offers a range of consolidation testing systems to suit user and project requirements. Options include different load capacities, pressure & volume capacities, and overall system capabilities.

All systems are available with a range of test accessory sizes and sample preparation items.

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Up to 32 times faster results and labor time savings of 30% to 95% vs. manual testing.

Perform additional testing on the same machine and get more from your investment while saving space in your lab.

Real-time and remote test parameter changes for quality control – view your testing from nearly anywhere.

Produce complete, compliant reports instantly or export data for desired manipulation.

Repeatable, reliable, and accurate results you can trust.

RCTS Safety with Employee

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Cyclic/Dynamic Testing

Cyclic Direct Simple Shear, Cyclic Triaxial, Resilient Modulus, and more.

Technical Resources

Empowering Your Geotechnical Expertise
Automated Laboratory Testing

Application of Automation in Geotechnical Testing

This paper presents the application of the latest technologies in electronics, software, automated controls to geotechnical testing.
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Automated Laboratory Testing

State of Practice Lecture Role of the Laboratory in Modern Geotechnical Practice

Laboratory tests, field observations and theories of mechanics provided the cornerstones for the development of modern geotechnical practice.
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Automated Laboratory Testing

Application of Automated Laboratory Tests to Minnesota D.O.T. Highway Project Site Characterization

In 1997 the Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) began operating fully automated computer controlled geotechnical testing equipment, replacing many existing systems.
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