Bridge Impact detection system


Enhance safety and minimize damage by detecting and recording
collisions from over-height vehicles or errant vessels.

Impact Detection System

Geocomp’s Bridge Impact Detection System is an intelligent, AI-powered bridge monitoring solution that accurately detects and records impact to your structures. Receive instant text and email notifications with critical data and video footage, allowing for rapid response and action.

Seamlessly integrate with iSiteCentral®, Geocomp’s scalable GIS data management platform, for simultaneous access to data and related documents, supporting real-time informed decision-making.

Stay informed and responsive with immediate notifications on your mobile device, enabling quick, informed decisions. Our AI-powered system operates 24/7, providing uninterrupted service. Access graphical reports and documents easily via mobile or desktop app.

Key Benefits of BridgeStrike

Bridging the future with the latest technologies.

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    Instant Notifications Receive immediate alerts via text message and email within 2-3 minutes of an impact, ensuring rapid response and action.
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    Comprehensive Data Access Gain access to pre-and post-event data through video and structural sensors, enabling thorough analysis and decision-making.
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    Smart AI-Powered Algorithms Benefit from a system that becomes smarter over time, reducing false alerts and increasing reliability.
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    Detailed Graphical Reports Utilize pre-configured, on-demand reports to make informed assessments about collisions and bridge stability.

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BridgeStrike Monitoring
Impact Detection

Effectively manage and minimize the impact of bridge or railway strikes with BridgeStrike. Instantly inform stakeholders of any strike, allowing for prompt risk management and damage mitigation based on the severity and type of impact.

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