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Our products are designed and developed incorporating over four decades of customer experience and feedback from the broadest range of users. We support the needs of research & advanced testing with sophisticated features while also uniquely offering practical solutions to benefit commercial, production, and labs of all sizes.

Our focus on partnering with customers and delivering the highest level of support means you get the most out of your equipment and feel comfortable and confident using it.

LoadTrac III

Load Frames

Our LoadTrac load frame options offer versatility to perform a wide range of common lab tests.

flowtrac II

Pressure & Volume Controllers

Our FlowTrac flow pumps offer fully automated control of pressure and volume with the highest precision.

Direct-Residual Shear Test System

Shear Frames

Our ShearTrac rigid shear frames are an intelligent shear and load frame combination allowing both shear and compression tests to be performed.

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Advanced Testing Solutions

Consolidation Testing

Soil consolidation testing involves applying incremental loads to a soil sample to measure its deformation and time-dependent settlement under compression, thereby determining its compressibility and rate of consolidation. Understanding how soil will behave under structural loads helps engineers design foundations and other structures accordingly.


Strength Testing

Soil strength testing assesses the ability of soil to withstand shear stresses and includes methods such as triaxial compression, direct shear, and unconfined compression tests. These tests provide critical data on soil’s shear strength parameters, essential for designing safe and stable foundations, slopes, and earth structures.


Cyclic/Dynamic Testing

Cyclic testing of soil involves applying repeated loading and unloading cycles to a soil sample to simulate the effects of dynamic loads such as earthquakes, waves, or traffic. This testing helps determine the soil’s behavior under cyclic stresses, including its susceptibility to liquefaction and changes in stiffness and strength over time.


Permeability Testing

Permeability testing of soil measures the rate at which water can flow through soil pores, providing critical data on its hydraulic conductivity. This testing is essential for understanding groundwater movement, designing drainage systems, and assessing the suitability of soil for various engineering projects such as foundations and embankments.

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