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Strength Testing

Lab Vane Shear Test System

The Lab Vane Shear System is used to quickly calculate peak and/or residual undrained shear strength on intact or remolded specimens in the lab.

Once the set-up is in place and the test conditions are selected, the Lab Vane Shear System will run the entire test from start to finish. The Lab Vane Shear utilizes a precision micro-stepper motor to apply the torque. An embedded controller with dedicated CPU allows for on-board data acquisition and closed loop control based on direct feedback from an advanced torque sensor.

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The laboratory vane shear test method is used to determine quick estimates of the undrained shear strength of very soft to stiff saturated fine-grained clayey soils. The test involves inserting a four-bladed vane into an intact sample (i.e. Shelby tube) or remolded sample and rotating it to determine the torque required to cause shearing. The measured torque is then converted to shearing resistance. The method can also be considered for investigating strength anisotropy in vertical and horizontal directions.
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