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Cyclic/Dynamic Testing

Cyclic Triaxial Test System

The Geocomp cyclic triaxial system completely automates cyclic and static triaxial testing in a single, versatile unit. The system is comprised of only three main components and does not require extra air bladders, vacuum pumps, or wall-mounted elements that take up valuable lab space and require extra maintenance.

An advanced, high-performance linear actuator with low inertia servo drive system provides the fastest response time. This is combined with a high-resolution feedback control system (closed loop and adaptive) for the most accurate and repeatable results.

The benefit of a fully active load frame allows users to add their compression tests to the system at low cost to maximize their investment.

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The cyclic triaxial test method can be used to A) determine the modulus and damping properties or B) the cyclic strength (or liquefaction potential) of soils. Following saturation and consolidation, the specimen is subjected to a sinusoidally varying axial load by means of the load rod connected to the specimen top platen. With time, the cyclic load, specimen axial deformation and pore water pressure development are monitored. The cyclic loading generally causes an increase in the pore-water pressure in the specimen, resulting in a decrease in the effective stress and an increase in the cyclic axial deformation of the specimen. Failure may be defined as when the peak excess pore water pressure equals the initial effective confining pressure, full or 100% pore pressure ratio (sometimes called initial liquefaction), or in terms of a limiting cyclic strain or permanent strain.

The test is conducted to approximate field conditions during earthquake or other dynamic loading (ocean waves, blasts, etc.).
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The LoadTrac II is a versatile load frame that can easily be upgraded to perform additional test types by purchasing required software and accessories.  Incremental Consolidation, Swell, Unconfined Compression, and California Bearing Ratio are popular tests performed on the load frame alone. Constant Rate Consolidation is an option with the addition of one FlowTrac pressure & volume control flow pump. Triaxial (UU, CU, CD) and Stress Path testing is possible with one to two FlowTrac flow pumps. For those interested in cyclic/dynamic testing, addition of a Cyclic/RM controller and hardware allows for Resilient Modulus testing, and then combined with a FlowTrac allows for Cyclic Triaxial testing. Contact one of our sales team today to discuss all available configurations and options.