Testing Equipment Features

Soil Testing Equipment, Rock Testing Equipment, Geosynthetics Testing Equipment Features

Geocomp Laboratory Systems are the most technologically advanced universal testing equipment with the following unique benefits/features that currently no other brand has.

Life Management Cycle

We have systems still in service that are more than 20 years old. For typical use, we know of no reason why our systems will not run indefinitely.

We fully expect our products to operate reliably until they become obsolete technology in need of an upgrade; and we are committed to providing timely upgrades as technology advances.

Materials Testing Equipment Features

featureFull Automation - Fast and Reliable

  • Full automation (through computer control, electronic valves, built-in on board CPU) through all the test phases
  • One PC controls several testing stations, saving money and space.
  • Fully integrated system, not a frame with Data Acquisition addon.
  • Test can be accessed and monitored over network. LAN compatible for easy convenience and no loss of test data on transfer.
  • All systems run under Microsoft Operating Systems.
  • Provide full reports as well as spreadsheet compatible raw data files and processed data files.
  • User friendly, and consistent Windows interface to reduce user's learning time.
  • Smart system with built-in protection devices; through hardware with limit switches and through software with sensor overranging, and data entry verification.

featureAgency Certified Equipment

  • Full reports of graphs and tables that are compatible with ASTM, AASHTO, BS, and US COE.
  • Material Testing equipment used by our Materials Testing Division Geotesting Express, certified testing by many government agencies and institutions including: USCOE, AASHTO, A2LA,GAI-LAP and others See GeoTesting Express Qualifications

featureIndustry Experts - Excellent Technical Support

  • Our staff of consists of leading industry experts (civil, geotechnical, electrical engineers) including university professors
  • Expert technical support and assistance with both systems and testing using web, telephone, and on-site.
  • Full hardware/software catalogues and user's manuals, both hard copies and electronically (PDF and MS Word documents available).

featureModular Systems - Maintainable and Upgradable

  • All hardware, electronics, and software made by Geocomp, no third party involved for easy and convenient upgrade, maintenance, replacement parts, and calibration
  • Modular design that creates versatility allowing same unit to perform multiple test types by changing only software and test cell.
  • Units can be changed during test set-up, test run, and for reporting providing great flexibility.
  • Full on line help in several languages.

featureManual Mode - Research & Instruction

  • Stand alone capability to manually interact with the equipment.