Geotechnical And Structural Performance Monitoring

Geotechnical And Structural Performance Monitoring

Geocomp designs, installs, and manages comprehensive performance monitoring programs using real-time instrumentation and monitoring technologies for dams and levees, tunnels, bridges, buildings, excavation support systems, slopes, embankments, MSE walls, utilities, piles and foundations, and gas field subsidence.

Geocomp has been successful at implementing complex real-time monitoring systems with numerous sensors, delivering timely warnings and reports, and expanding system to meet changing project needs.

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Tappan Zee Bridge

Tappan Zee Bridge, South Nyack and Tarrytown, NY

For this new bridge, Geocomp is providing the largest and most sophisticated Structural Health Monitoring System on a bridge structure in the United States, operating as a "closed loop" system, in which collected data is immediately processed and used for maintenance decisions in a real-time application. The system is comprised of more than 75 standalone Geocomp high speed data loggers interfaced to a central server in the Bridge's main control room where data is displayed in using custom-designed user interfaces for automated graphical presentation of data.

I10 Twin Span River Bridge

I-10 Twin Span Bridge - New Orleans, LA

The new Interstate 10 Twin Span Bridge over Lake Pontchartrain is being constructed to replace the existing Twin Span Bridge, which was heavily damaged by Hurricane Katrina. To address questions that were raised during the design phase of the project, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LDOTD) decided to install a long-term monitoring system. Working with Louisiana's Transportation Research Center, Geocomp designed and installed sensors, data loggers and data management systems to collect in-service performance data to help answer these questions.

North Shore Connector

North Shore Connector - Pittsburgh, PA

Geocomp used iSite™ dataloggers along with the iSiteCentral™ web-based data management system to provide real-time data on a 24/7 basis during the construction of the North Shore Connector project. Geocomp monitored the existing bridge piers while the load was transferred to the new supports using a complex post-tensioning process. Any movement greater than 6 mm triggered alarms that alerted the team immediately so work could be halted and adjustments made. The system allowed the work to proceed faster than planned and resulted in an early reopening of the bridge to traffic.

Willow Island Hydroelectric

Willow Island Hydroelectric Project - Willow Island, WV

Geocomp used potential Failure Mode Analysis to design Instrumentation Monitoring Systems to help control risks.

Geocomp is providing installation and operation of a real-time, web-based, instrumentation and monitoring system to be used to measure performance of the constructed cofferdam, the project site and the existing Willow Island Lock and Dam during construction of a new powerhouse for comparison with predicted performance criteria. The system will provide real-time status reports on the effects of new construction on the existing USACE dam.