GeoTesting Express

GeoTesting Express (GTX), provides comprehensive geotechnical laboratory and field testing services of soil, rock, geosynthetics and other materials below the ground surface. GTX determines the physical and mechanical properties of underground material for site characterization, geotechnical design, quality control and performance assessment purposes.

Utilizing state-of-the-art automated testing equipment, advanced processes and automation, GTX provides clients with fast turnaround and accurate test results. GTX continues to offer uncompromised quality, reducing our clients’ risk by providing confidence that the testing is being performed correctly and according to published standards.

GeoTesting Express

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MTA Purple Line

MTA Purple Line Plymouth Tunnel Exploratory Shaft, MD

GeoTesting Express (GTX) was delivered multiple rock cores of material by client. Upon initial sample inspection, it was clear that a large portion of the material was damaged. We were able to implement the necessary precautions to the samples to ensure that there was minimal sample loss during the course of the project. The client was aware of the fragile material and was satisfied with our approach and consideration we were able to give to each sample. Close communication with the client about which samples could and could not be tested had to be established at an early stage of the project.

The Third Catskill & Delaware Aqueduct

The Third Catskill & Delaware Aqueduct, New York

GeoTesting Express, Inc. (GTX) provided an extensive, high quantity rock testing program in support of the preliminary design effort being undertaken by the joint venture of Hatch Mott MacDonald/Malcolm Pirnie, which included; Elastic Moduli of Rock in Uniaxial Compression, Unconfined Compression Strength of Rock , Splitting Tensile, Slake Durability, Point Load Index of Rock, CERCHAR Abrasivity, Total Hardness, Schmidt Hammer, Axial Swelling of rock, Unit Weight, Porosity and Specific Gravity, Petrographic Analysis, X-Ray Diffraction Analysis, and Drillability testing.

South Hartford Tunnel

South Hartford Conveyance and Storage Tunnel, CT

GTX provided expert soil and rock testing for the design phase of the tunnel. Careful handling was required in the preparation of test specimens to prevent breakage of fragile bedded rock. GTX transported Shelby tube samples from the client's core shed directly to our lab to minimize soil disturbance.

Confidential Nuclear

Geotechnical Investigation for Proposed Nuclear Power Plant, Eastern Europe

GeoTesting Express (GTX) supported Paul C. Rizzo Associates, Inc. (Rizzo) by performing geotechnical laboratory testing. Testing was performed to help characterize the stability of subsurface materials that could affect structures at the site under static, dynamic and existing conditions. GTX was originally contracted to perform cyclic triaxial testing but our ability to process and test a vast amount of samples in a short period of time caused our scope to expand considerably. GTX provided rapid turnaround of nearly 400 tube samples.