Geostructural Design & Consulting

Geostructural Design & Consulting

Geocomp couples its in-depth geotechnical knowledge of soil, rock and water interaction with its understanding of structural performance to provide a comprehensive analysis of underground conditions and potential hazards. We apply our design expertise to challenging conditions and requirements. We offer detailed design solutions for earth and water retaining structures; evaluation of existing foundations and retaining walls, and recommendations on geosynthetic reinforced slopes and embankments.

Our Services

  • Complex Foundations
  • Earth, Rock and Water Support Systems
  • Ground Improvement
  • Complex Site Characterization
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Risk Assessment
  • Scour Analysis and Countermeasures

Representative Projects Project Showcase »

Ellis Square Parking Garage

Ellis Square Parking Garage, Atlanta, Georgia

Geocomp identified extensive soft clay seams below the bottom of the excavation that were not considered in the design of the excavation support system. Working together with the project team, Geocomp provided geostructural modifications and instrumentation systems to complete the deep underground parking structure with minimal additional damage to adjacent structures.

Willow Island Hydroelectric Project

Willow Island Hydroelectric Project, Willow Island, West Virginia

Geocomp is providing engineering services during design and construction of a 2,400 ft long cofferdam and 100 ft deep excavation for future construction of a new hydroelectric powerhouse on the Ohio River. Additionally, Geocomp will provide and operate the real-time web-based monitoring and warning system to be used during excavation for the powerhouse for measurement of settlement, horizontal displacement, pore pressures, and tilt of the existing piers during the construction.

The Colony at White Pine Canyon

The Colony at White Pine Canyon, Park City, Utah

Geocomp is evaluating the condition of 72 mechanically stabilized earth retaining and bridge abutment walls, some of which have failed prematurely. Investigations have focused on establishing corrosion degradation rates of the welded wire reinforcement, to predict remaining wall service life. Geocomp has overseen a total redesign and remediation of the walls that have failed or are predicted to fail in the near future.

National Cooperative Highway

National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP), Leominster, Massachusetts

Geocomp designed and built four 30-ft high mechanically stabilized wall (MSE) that were constructed to investigate the effects on performance of high fines content backfills. The system was automated with data loggers and the instrumentation included strain gages, piezometers, extensometers, and AMTS instruments monitoring the complete displacement patterns for the different wall faces, extensometers in the retained wall and settlement plates. Results of this research will be recommendations to revise AASHTO design standards to allow MSE walls to use backfills with higher fines content.