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Cyclic/Dynamic Testing

Large Cyclic Direct Simple Shear Test System

The ShearTrac III large cyclic direct simple shear (LCDSS) system performs consolidation, static, and cyclic direct simple shear phases on large (12 in/ 305 mm) diameter samples under fully automatic control.

The LCDSS system is unique on the market and allows users to test coarse-grained materials requiring a larger diameter sample.

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The cyclic direct simple shear test method measures cyclic strength, number of cycles to liquefaction or cyclic properties of soils such as Modulus and Damping. A specimen is placed in a membrane within a stack of Teflon coated rings preventing radial deformation while allowing vertical deformation during consolidation and shear deformation during simple shear. Constant volume conditions are maintained during shear by keeping the height of the specimen constant as the specimen is sheared back and forth in cyclic loading.

Common testing applications include earthquake engineering and ocean wave loading. Post-cyclic monotonic strength can be measured as well.
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