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Field Monitoring Systems

Provide clients with telecommunication services through equipment.


iSite® HS

Geocomp provides clients with telecommunication services through equipment (data loggers and monitoring equipment) and the capability to access critical data 24/7 via internet enabled devices.

Field systems provide clients with real-time geostructural knowledge wherever and whenever needed. Our iSite HS® and iSiteCentral® electronic data transmission services offer accessibility, reliability, and risk reduction.

Optimize Your Projects with
Remote Monitoring

Utilize the latest technologies to ensure your infrastructure’s performance and longevity.
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Remote Acquisition

Designed for use in high-speed monitoring applications with remote access to data, capturing sensor data of structural loads and strains, extreme weather events, vibrations, and blasting.

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Sensor Compatibility

The iSite® HS unit is compatible with any sensor with DC voltage output of up to ±2.5 volts. Each data logger can excite and read up to eight sensors.

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Easy Installation

Installation is simple and quick, there is no wire connectivity of sensors to a central data logging unit, lowering the cost of materials and installation.

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Extensive Data Storage

Each logger can store up to 128 MB of data. Software on a server can pull data for specified times to develop a complete data record across multiple loggers.

Enhance Your
Project’s Success

Leverage our remote data acquisition systems to meet your project needs.

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Tobin Bridge

Value Delivered:

Smart technology helped to identify and alert Massport
about the bridge’s structural health
GEOPROJECT_Storrow Drive

Storrow Drive

Value Delivered:

Data alerting of structural distress in the girders enabled
effective mitigation measures to be implemented
GEOPROJECT_MBTA Charlestown Bus Station

MBTA Charlestown Bus Station

Value Delivered:

Automated alerts notify personnel for swift response
The iSiteCentral® data management system drastically
reduces reporting time

CT I-84 Superstructure

Value Delivered:

Real-time data to ensure that stresses induced by
moving operations did not exceed present limits
The monitoring system allowed controlled transport
and lifting operation to proceed without delays within the
narrow time frame