Real-Time Monitoring

iSiteCentral™ Web-Based Real-Time Monitoring

Geocomp operates a robust, scalable automated data collection and management system to monitor the performance of infrastructure projects in real-time every minute of every day. Real-time Web-based performance monitoring provides early warnings of unexpected or surprise performance in time for corrective actions to be implemented to avoid failures, delays and claims. By placing sensors in levees, dams, excavations, buildings and other structures, we can determine the onset of distress or failure modes before expensive consequences occur.

Our system called iSiteCentral™, provides real-time Web-based monitoring with automated alerts to help our customers stay on top of the performance of their projects.

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Since 1998, iSiteCentral™ service has been providing integrated data collection, reporting and alerting capabilities for a wide variety of sensors, data loggers and applications. Today, the system manages data from more than 35,000 sensors and can be scaled to support both small and large-scale infrastructure projects.



  • Data Collection & Management
  • Data Reduction & Analysis Tools
  • Tailored Reports
  • Sensor Data Charts
  • Interactive Map Views
  • Automated Warning Notifications
  • GIS platform