Active Risk Management

Active Risk Management

Through Active Risk Management™, Geocomp provides quantitative identification of risk and the potential impact to project cost, schedule and quality. We help identify, assess and mitigate risks associated with construction in the natural and built environments.

Geocomp helps the project team by:

  • Developing quantified assessments of potential risk events, likelihoods, and consequences
  • Monitoring risk elements and warning signs
  • Identifying risk mitigation strategies
  • Producing real-time data on emerging risks for informed decision making
  • Developing a risk management framework for the project life cycle

Our Services

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Tonen Kawasaki Refineries

Tonen Kawasaki Refineries, Kawasaki City, Japan

Geocomp employed risk based concepts to design and construct alternate earthquake proofing measures ultimately saving the client approximately $100,000,000 in avoided construction costs to lower risk by a factor of 10.

Central Artery/Tunnel Project

Central Artery/Tunnel Project, Boston, Massachusetts

Geocomp managed and executed a highly-effective monitoring system to identify poor performance early enough to implement contingency measures saving the owner an estimated $500,000,000 in avoided risk costs.

Ellis Square Parking Garage

Ellis Square Parking Garage, Savannah, Georgia

Geocomp developed contingency measures to complete the job and monitoring systems to minimize additional damage to surrounding building which helped the client avoid a catastrophic collapse of deep excavation support system when unexpected soft soils were encountered.

Accelerated Bridge Program

Accelerated Bridge Program, Boston, Massachusetts

Geocomp is providing Active Risk Management™ and sequencing services as part of a federally-funded program to rehabilitate and restore a portfolio of Boston area bridges. As part of our services, Geocomp is helping to identify, analyze, and evaluate risks and determine their impacts on project schedule and cost.