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Soil Compression Gages

Soil Compression Gage Data Sheet

Soil Compression Gages (SCG) - measure horizontal or vertical displacements in soils or subgrade material. SCGs are ruggedized to withstand the harsh environment in soils and construction fill material during placement and compaction. They are moisture proof, with internal O-rings to prevent ingress, and can function to measure compaction or expansion of soils in various subsurface layers. Gages utilize displacement transducers typically over 1 to 6 inch travel ranges and can be used to measure dynamic response. Gages are easily customized to length and measuring range requirements and standard wiring configurations adapt to most data acquisition systems.


  • Gage Length : Customer specified (up to 24 Inches)
  • Measurement Range : 2.5 to 150 mm (⅝" to 6") Full Scale
  • Linearity Error : ±0.15% of Full Scale Output (FSO) typical, ±0.25% max
  • Resolution : 0.025% of FS
  • Excitation : 0 to 10V output with 12 to 30V input, 35 mA max; 4 to 20 mA (3-wire) output with 18 to 30V input, 60 mA max 75°C (167°F max)
  • Update Rate : 300 Hz nominal
  • Output : Proportional to excitation over measurement range
  • Lead Wire : 35 ft (standard) of 18-22 AWG twisted-pair, 3- or 4-wire, with shielding; custom lengths available
  • Temperature Range : -20 to 85°C (-4 to 185°F)
  • Temperature Coefficient : 0.015% of FS/°C
  • Vibration : 5 to 20 Hz, 0.5" p-p; 20 to 2000 Hz, 4.2 g p-p
  • Shock : 1000 g, 11 ms

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