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Dynamic Asphalt Strain Gages

Dynamic Asphalt Strain Gage Data Sheet

Dynamic Asphalt Strain Gages (ASG/VASG) - measure axial strain in flexible pavement under high frequency (dynamic) conditions. These low modulus, ruggedized sensors are built to withstand the high temperature and vibratory rolled compaction required for asphalt placement.

Utilizing four active elements of a Wheatstone Bridge circuit, this gage is easily adaptable to most data acquisition systems. Each sensor is individually calibrated with high temperature resistant lead wire attached and is provided with QC documentation and calibration data.

The low-profile, field-proven design allows for measurements closer to the bottom surface, placement in shallower pavement lift heights, and easier retrofit installations. High-temp wire with braided shielding protect the lead wire from extreme heat and signal noise.


  • Gage Length : 6 in (152 mm) standard
  • Circuit : Full Wheatstone bridge with 4 active 350-ohm (+/- 0.2%) strain gages
  • Range : >5,000 microstrain
  • Sensitivity at 1000 ME : ~1.3 mVout/Vexc
  • Excitation : 1-5 Vdc recommended (up to 10 Vdc max)
  • Output : mV level, ratiometric to Excitation
  • Power : 300 mW max, 72 mW @ 5 Vdc typical
  • Temperature Range : -35 to 204°C (-31 to 400°F)
  • Lead Wire : 35 ft (standard) of high-temp 22-30 AWG braided 4-wire with shielding; custom lengths available

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