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Field Testing of Other Materials

GTX has extensive field experience with other materials, including:

  • Bentonite Slurry - QA testing and inspection including mud balance, filter press and permeability for slurry wall construction
  • Asphalt - compaction control for placement
  • Controlled-density fill (CDF) materials - flowability and compressive strength
  • Turf and subbase testing for hydraulic/drainage properties

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Test Method Standard Test Property Keywords
Standard Test Method for Particle Size Analysis of Natural and Man-Made Rip Rap Materials ASTM D5519 Grain Size rip rap, grain size, particle size Details
Standard Test Method for Density of Bentonitic Slurries ASTM D4380 Density density, Bentonite, slurry, mud, balance Details
Standard Test Method for Sand Content by Volume of Bentonitic Slurries ASTM D 4381 Sand Content Bentonite, sand, content, slurry Details
Filtrate Loss of Bentonitic Slurries API 13 Filtrate Loss filtrate loss, marsh funnel Details
Viscosity of Bentonitic Slurries API 13 Viscosity viscosity Details