Lab Services: Soil testing

Lab Services: Soil testing

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Test Method Title

Standard Test Methods for Determination of the Soil Water Characteristic Curve for Desorption Using Hanging Column, Pressure Extractor, Chilled Mirror Hygrometer, or Centrifuge **This method replaces both ASTM D2325 and D3152

Reference Number

ASTM D6836



Test Property

Soil water characteristic curve

Description of Test

Methods A-C—Methods A-C yield soil water characteristic curves in terms of matric suction. Various suctions are applied to the soil and the corresponding water contents are measured. Two different procedures are used to apply the suction. In Method A, the matric suction is applied by reducing the pore water pressure while maintaining the pore gas pressure at the atmospheric condition. In Methods B and C, the pore water pressure is maintained at atmospheric pressure, and the pore gas pressure is raised to apply the suction via the axis translation principle.

Preferred Test Sample Size

Can be either disturbed (500 grams) or undisturbed (2" of Shelby tube),

Number of Test Specimens

1 (optional for 3)

Test Specimen Size

100 grams into a 2.54 cm diameter x 0.5 cm high


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