Interface Shear Load Frame / Test System

Interface Shear Load Frame / Test System

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ShearTrac III

The ShearTrac III system is capable of performing the consolidation and shearing phase of a 305mm x 305mm ( 12 in.x12in.) direct shear test under automatic control for soils and geosynthetics (geomembranes, geotextile, GCL, geogrid, etc.) as well as determining the interface frictional properties of soil and geosynthetics, and internal friction of GCLs.

Applicable Test Standards

  • ASTM D-5321 and D-6243
  • ASTM 3080/T236
  • BS 1377


  • Built-in end clamps for geosynthetics testing
  • Optional grip plates for true internal friction determination for GCLs
  • Linear bearings for minimum horizontal friction
  • Two sets of limit switches to prevent over traveling
  • Built-in 4-channel data acquisition with 16-bit resolution
  • Two LCD display
  • Two displacement transducers with 100 mm (4.00 in.) range and 0.002 mm (0.00008 in.) resolution
  • Two universal shear web type load cells
  • Accurate displacement rate control from 0.00003 to 10 mm per minute (0.000001 to 0.4 in. per minute)
  • Built-in electronic controls for automatic display of data and control of test
  • Fully incremental consolidation test capability
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