Installation & Training

Lab Systems: Installation & Training

Geocomp Lab Systems provides full comprehensive on-site installation and training by engineers/technicians. Typical installation and training activities include the following:

  • Complete set up of equipment and connections
  • Calibration of sensors
  • Operation of frames (LoadTrac-II and ShearTrac-II) and volume pressure controller (FlowTrac-II)
  • Operation of test control software:
    • changing units
    • control modes, data entry
    • standard test set-up and operation
    • specimen set-up
    • zeroing sensors
    • specimen break-down
  • Operation of test reporting software
  • Report adjustment, error correction, and graphing and output manipulation
  • Frame and cell care and maintenance
  • General program and hardware troubleshooting
  • Development of "set-up" files for common tests
  • Assistance in the development of customized testing operator's manual
  • Review of software/hardware
  • Verification of proper set up
  • Check of calibration of sensors
  • Check of operation procedure for load frame and test control
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Development of "set-up" files for additional and advanced tests
Training and Installation of Materials Testing Equipment

Geocomp engineers have successfully completed on-site training and installation at over 100 locations in the US and overseas.

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