Geolog-6 Soil Testing Data Acquisition (DAQ)

Geolog-6 Soil Testing Data Acquisition (DAQ)

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GEOLOG 6 is based on the successful GEOLOG 3, 4, and 5 systems introduced in 1984, 1988, and 1992 respectively. We have reworked the software to improve speed and performance of the system and to provide many features that GEOLOG customers have suggested as useful additions. The most significant new features are the ability for the software program to run under the Windows NT/2000/XP environment, 16-bit analog to digital resolution, the ability to expand the number of channels to 256, and the capability to access and control a test over a computer network. The central core of GEOLOG remains the same as that introduced in 1984: a reliable, versatile data-logging engine.

GEOLOG 6 is designed to monitor multiple tests and test types simultaneously. GEOLOG 6 system types are compatible with a wide variety of analog sensors (load cells, pressure transducers, LVDT/LDT and Volume Change) used for monitoring all major geotechnical laboratory tests.

GEOLOG 6 is shipped pre-assembled and ready to work. We assemble and check all hardware, wire and calibrate sensors, and run simulated tests prior to shipping a system. When the system arrives, a few simple connections and mounting of sensors onto testing devices is all that is required.

GEOLOG 6 is easy to use; a technician with a few basic computer skills can learn to use the system in a minimum of time. Clear documentation and pull-down "HELP" menus are provided to guide new users through the different test screens. Also, technical assistance is just a phone call away. GEOCOMP fully supports the system from its own in-house resources. General questions on the use of the system or specific questions on performing individual tests are answered by our own staff, eliminating the frustration of waiting for answers to technical support questions from a "third party" software developer.

GEOLOG 6 is a low-maintenance system. If there is a component failure, replacements can normally be provided quickly to get you up and running again in a minimum amount of time. We offer a 12-month hardware warranty as standard, and free software upgrades for 1 year. GEOCOMP also provides extended warranty and service plans.

GEOLOG 6 requires no special skills to operate, other than those used in conventional laboratory testing and basic computer knowledge. A person familiar with soil testing can learn to use the system confidently within a few hours. Knowledge with a PC keyboard and its operation can significantly reduce the learning time.

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