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Geotextile Testing Services
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As an accredited member of the Geosynthetics Accreditation Institute - Laboratory Accreditation Program (GAI-LAP), our equipment, technicians and quality system are monitored regularly for proficiency and compliance, and our testing processes are validated by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, assuring that you can count on quality results every time. GTX will test according to any procedures and/or standards you specify. We can also assist in developing site-specific specifications.

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Test Method
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Test Property
ID Test Method Standard Test Property Keywords Details
171 Standard Test Method for Stiffness of Fabrics ASTM D1388 Stiffness stiffness, rigidity Details
172 Test Method for Thickness of Textile Materials ASTM D1777 thickness thickness Details
173 Standard Test Methods for Mass Per Unit Area (Weight) of Fabric ASTM D3776 Mass per unit area mass per unit area, fabric weight, mpu Details
174 Standard Test Method for Hydraulic Bursting Strength of Textile Fabrics-Diaphragm Bursting Strength Tester Method ASTM D3786 bursting strength Mullen burst, burst strength Details
175 Test Method for Bursting Strength of Textiles-Constant-Rate-of-Traverse (CRT) Ball Burst Test ASTM D3787 bursting strength ball burst Details
176 Test Method for Deterioration of Geotextiles from Exposure to Ultraviolet Light and Water (Xenon-Arc Type Apparatus) ASTM D4355 Degradation in breaking strength Xenon, arc, UV, light degradation, deterioration Details
177 Standard Test Methods for Water Permeability of Geotextiles by Permittivity ASTM D4491 Permittivity, Permeability permittivity, flow rate, permeability Details
178 Standard Test Method for Index Trapezoidal Tearing Strength of Geotextiles ASTM D4533 trapezoidal tearing strength trapezoidal tear, tearing Details
179 Test Method for Tensile Properties of Geotextiles by the Wide-Width Strip Method ASTM D4595 tensile strength, elongation, tensile modulus wide-width, tensile, elongation, modulus Details
180 Test Method for Grab Breaking Load and Elongation of Geotextiles ASTM D4632 grab strength, elongation grab, elongation Details
181 Standard Test Method for Determining Apparent Opening Size of a Geotextile ASTM D4751 Apparent Opening Size (AOS) AOS, O95, apparent opening size Details
182 Standard Test Method for Index Puncture Resistance of Geomembranes and Related Products **Discontinued for geotextile use, the industry-accepted standard test method is now ASTM D6241 ASTM D4833 Puncture resistance puncture, resistance Details
183 Standard Test Method for Breaking Strength and Elongation of Textile Fabrics (Grab Test) ASTM D5034 breaking force, breaking elongation breaking strength, elongation Details
184 Standard Test Method for Breaking Force and Elongation of Textile Fabrics (Strip Method) ASTM D5035 tensile strength, elongation tensile strength, elongation, strip Details
185 Standard Test Method for Measuring the Filtration Compatibility of Soil-Geotextile Systems ASTM D5101 Gradient ratio gradient ratio, clogging, clogging potential Details
186 Standard Test Method for Measuring Mass per Unit Area of Geotextiles ASTM D5261 Mass per unit area mass per unit area, fabric weight, mpu Details
187 Standard Test Method for Determining the Shear Strength of Soil-Geosynthetic and Geosynthetic-Geosynthetic Interfaces by Direct Shear ASTM D5321 Interface shear, cohesion, friction angle interface, direct, shear, adhesion, cohesion, friction, angle, Mohr-Coulomb shear strength envelope, Mohr-Coulomb friction angle Details
188 Standard Test Method for Hydraulic Conductivity Ratio (HCR) Testing of Soil/Geotextile Systems ASTM D5567 Hydraulic conductivity ratio hydraulic conductivity ratio, HCR, clogging Details
189 Standard Test Method for the Static Puncture Strength of Geotextiles and Geotextile-Related Products Using a 50-mm Probe ASTM D6241 Puncture resistance CBR, puncture Details
190 Flexural Rigidity of Geogrids, Geotextiles and Related Products D7748 bending length, flexural rigidity bending length; flexural rigidity; stiffness Details
191 CBR Puncture Strength **GRI has discontinued this method, the industry-accepted standard test method is now ASTM D6241 GRI GS 1 CBR puncture strength CBR, puncture Details
192 Standard Test Method for Strength of Sewn or Thermally Bonded Seams of Geotextiles ASTM D4884 seam breaking strength seam strength Details