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New Approach to Resonant Column Testing
Winner of the 2014 Hogentogler Award

Werden, Drnevich, Hall, Hankour, Conlee, Marr

New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina. I: Introduction, Overview, and the East Flank

Non Destructive & Automated Testing for Soil & Rock Properties

Marr, Fairhurst

Observational Method for Estimating Future Scour Depth at Existing Bridges

Govindasamy, Briaud, Kim, Olivera, Gardoni, Delphia

The Observational Method for Scour and the Schoharie Creek Bridge Failure

Govindasamy, Briaud, Kim

On Globalization


Permanent Displacement of Sand with Cyclic Loading

Bouckovalas, Whitman, Marr

Permanent Displacements Due to a Cyclic Wave Loading

Marr, Christian

Planning for a Thermally Insulated Test Road

Lovell, Stulgis

Pore Water Pressure Influences on Geosynthetic Stabilized Subgrade Performance

Christopher, Perkins, Lacina, Marr

Probability & Risk of Slope Failure

Silva, Lambe, Marr

Real-Time Health Monitoring of Civil Works to Enhance Emergency Action

Marr, Sachs

Reasons for Monitoring Performance with Geotechnical Instruments


Recycled Crushed Glass in Road Work Applications

Disfani, Arulrajah, Bo, Hankour

Resilient Modulus Testing for Pavement Components

Durham, Marr, DeGroff (editors)

Risk & Its Sources


Risk Management with Performance-based Geoengineering Monitoring APM Tunnel Ext at Hartsfield-Jackson Intl Airport

Tye, Marr

Role of Performance Monitoring for Construction of Transportation Facilities in Urban Areas


Safety of a Constructed Facility: Geotechnical Aspects

Lambe, Marr, Silva

Selecting Reinforced Fill Soil for MSE Retaining Walls


Shear Viscosity of Clays to Compute Viscous Resistance

Mahajan, Budhu

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