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Experiences with Automated Geotechnical Testing

Marr, Torosian, Hankour

Exposure of Deep Foundations for the Kentucky Lock Addition Project

Weinmann, Nyren, Marr

Feasibility Study for the Storage of Cold Compressed Natural Gas (CCNG) in Underground Solution-Mined Bedded Salt Caverns


Finite Element Analysis of Elasto-Plastic Soils

Marr, Christian

Foundation Underpinning with Mini-Piles A First in Guyana South America

Stulgis, Barry, Harvey

Freeze-Thaw Effects & Gas Permeability of Utility Line Backfill 2004

Hooper, Marr, Drefus, Farrag

A Fully Automated Computer Controlled Resilient Modulus Testing System

Marr, Hankour, Werden

Geoengineering in The New Millennium, Testing and Performance Monitoring


Geotechnical Considerations for the Design of Piggy Backed Lined Landfills

Richardson, Marr

Geotechnical Engineering and Judgment in the Information Age


Improved Soil Property Classification Through Automated Triaxial Stress Path Testing

Dasenbrock, Hankour

Improving Geotechnical Laboratory Performance with Technology

Torosian, Marr

The Influence of Temperature Changes on Bridge Structural Behavior

Brenner, Sanayei, Bell, Rosenstrauch, Pheifer, Marr

Instrumentation and Monitoring of Slope Stability


Instrumentation Plan for Monitoring the New I-10 Twin Span Bridge

Abu-Farsakh, Marr, Yoon, Ha, Zhang, Tsai, Fu, D'Andrea

Interface and Internal Shear Testing Procedures to Obtain Peak and Residual Values


Investigation of the Performance of the New Orleans Regional Flood Protection Systems During Hurricane Katrina: Lessons Learned

Seed, Bea, Abdelmalak, Athanasopoulos, Boutwell, Bray, Briaud, Cheung, Cohen-Waeber,...

Key Features of the Geotechnical Safety Programme for the Amuay Cliffside

Lambe, Turner, Silva, Marr

Lessons Learned From the Failure of a GCL/Geomembrane Barrier on a Side Slope Landfill Cover

Richardson, Thiel, Marr

Levee Erosion by Overtopping in New Orleans during the Katrina Hurricane

Briaud, Chen, Govindasamy, Storesund

Low Permeable Backfill Soils in Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Walls State of the Practice in North America

Christopher, Stulgis

Managing Large Amounts of Geotechnical Performance Data for the Central Artery/Tunnel Project


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