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Active Risk Management™ For Construction in Natural and Built Environments


Active Risk Management in Geotechnical Engineering


Advances and Retreats in Geotechnical Measurements


Analyzing Permanent Drift Due to Cyclic Loads

Bouckovalas, Marr, Christian

Application of Automated Laboratory Tests to Minnesota D.O.T. Highway Project Site Characterization

Dasenbrock, Marr, Hankour

Application of Automation in Geotechnical Testing


Automated Collection of Instrumentation Data


Criteria for Settlement of Tanks

Marr, Ramos, Lambe

Data Acquisition and Management for Geotechnical Instrumentation on the Central Artery/Tunnel Project

Hawkes, Marr

Dealing With the Vibration and Noise of Pile Driving


Development of a Substructure Instrumentation System at the New I-10 Twin Span Bridge & Its Use to Investigate the Lateral Behavior of Batter Piles

Abu-Farsakh, Yoon, Ha, Marr, Zhang

Deep Excavations in Hard Sandy Clays for Stations and Shafts of the Athens Metro Stavros Extension

Kulesza, Boussoulas, Marr

Displacement-Based Design for Deep Excavations

Hawkes, Marr

DSS Test Results Using Wire-Reinforced Membranes and Stacked Rings

Baxter, Bradshaw, Ochoa-Lavergne, Hankour

Effect of static shear stress on the cyclic resistance of sands in simple shear loading

Sivathayalan, Ha

Effective Application of Microcomputers to Geotechnical Analysis/Design


Effective Uses of Finite Element Analysis in Geotechnical Engineering


Effects of Reclaimed Asphalt Shingles on Engineering Properties of Soils

Hooper, Marr

Erosion Tests on Samples from the New Orleans Levees

Briaud, Chen, Govindasamy, Storesund

Evaluation of Use of Synthetic Lightweight Aggregate (SLA) in Hot Mix Asphalt

Hooper, Mallick, O'Brien, Kashi

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